"Gali possesses those crucial elements that make for a brilliant editor: years of high-level experience; an ability to spot what the tunnel-visioned writer misses; and the talent to sharpen a book’s ideas, language and structure. Those key ingredients guided The Screenwriter’s Fairy Tale and Something Startling Happens from simple projects on my laptop to international best-sellers. Thank you, Gali!"

     —Todd Klick, author

"Your skilled editing and insights made my book funnier, wiser and a better read. The result: It shot to the Top 10 on Amazon Humor/Self Help."

     —Mark Yablonovich, author ABCs of Happiness­ : Not for Children

"To my editor, Gali Kronenberg—thank you for enriching this book with your genius, insight and amazing fluency and talent with words. Beyond the manifold ways you elevated my language and ideas, you shared with me your gift for drawing out the best in people and inspired me to do my best work. I love you, you’re brilliant!"

     —Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D., author Men to Run From

"I want to especially thank Gali Kronenberg for sharp insights and skilled editing."

     —Hillary Carlip, author Queen of the Oddballs

“Gali is sharp as a tack. If you are serious about your work, hire him.” 

—Andrea Adler, author Pushing Upward

"Gali’s talent as a teacher and editor helped me to publish my first magazine piece and landed me a monthly column."

     —Mathew Reyes, founder Yoga Hop

“There’s no other way to put it: Gali made me a better writer. Not only that, he got me published.”

     —Christine Palau, freelance writer

“I wish to thank Gali Kronenberg for his deft editing, big heart and grace with words. Your sharp eye and insights, ability to clarify mystical ideas and talent as a storyteller helped me to make this a better book. Your appetite to question, try out and engage with the material deepened the experience for every reader.”

     —David Elliott, author Healing

“I’d spent three years drafting a peace plan for Iraq. In short order, Gali put my thoughts into words better than I could. He challenged my ideas and encouraged me to contact scholars and journalists in the U.S., Europe and Middle East. The result is my peace plan has appeared on the op-ed pages of newspapers and online journals in Baghdad to the Los Angeles Times.”

     —Richard Parr, entrepreneur

"Your notes are so insightful. Your intelligence and mastery of story are a gift.”

     —Cheryl Hunter, author Use It: Turn Setbacks Into Success

 “I cannot say enough about my new friend, cheerleader and writing coach Gali Kronenberg.”

     —Karen R. Carter, best-selling author Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life

“I wish to thank Gali Kronenberg—a brilliant writer and teacher—for shepherding my memoir to completion. In writing about the loss of my eldest son to drugs, Gali was my editor, writing coach, friend and therapist. I now understand why he told me that writing is a kind of alchemy. Gali not only made me a better writer, he helped me to release my grief onto the page.” 

          —Bernice Ross, author A Million Tears

"Gali is a brilliant and insightful editor. More than that, Gali believed in me and kept me at it each time I’d lost faith and was ready to quit.”

           —Paul Tootalian, author Ancient Mind 

"Your critiques are so helpful and concrete. I can't thank you enough."      

           —Wendy Adamson, writer

"Gali was the perfect partner to articulate my vision. His words masterfully translated the spirit and visual concepts of my work.” 

           —Douglas Stanton, architect

 "I engaged Gali to critique my first 150 pages, half expecting to be told to give it up. With the first words out of his mouth, he showed me how to find my way. Not only did he understand what I had been trying to do, he identified the problems that were preventing me from achieving it. Working with Gali, I have gained such confidence that I no longer fret about whether the book will be good enough for publication. I am producing the strongest writing of my life and the book is exceeding my most optimistic expectations.”

           —Steven Tackitt, writer and producer

“Gali Kronenberg's meticulous eye, insightful comments and talent for translating my ideas into succinct, clear prose, immeasurably enriched my book. I look forward to collaborating with Gali on many more projects.”

           —Dr. Jay Kumar, author Brain, Body & Being: Five Secrets for Achieving Authentic Health & Happiness 

“In a single week, Gali rewrote a paper that I had struggled with for six months. I was a jumble of nerves—it was publish or perish—and I needed an article accepted by a professional journal to earn tenure. Simply put, Gali was my savior. He brought clarity, structure and fresh insights to my paper, as well as an abundance of patience and kindness. Gali’s rewrite was immediately accepted for publication.”

           —Anita M., Ph.D., professor of education

“In a matter of hours, Gali crafted and articulated an identity for my business. I was thrilled with the results. Gali’s rewrite of my brochure and Web site made me shine. He stated who I am and what I do with power, clarity and brevity.”

           —Stephanie Fish, owner, Alignment First

“Gali is a great teacher. It was in his workshop that I discovered my voice and began to believe in myself as a writer. His compassion, encouragement and mentorship helped me to publish my first story and win a PEN Emerging Voices Fellowship.”

           —John Boucher, writer  

 “Gali—Thank you for your insight, your genius and your spirit. I can think of no writer or editor who could have contributed to my book, mentored or guided me with as much wisdom and kindness as you.”

           —Daniel Sun, author The Heart of Network Marketing

 “Gali is amazing. He took my ideas from our interviews and turned them into brilliant writing. I was delighted and entertained by the result. He was a wizard at making my ideas come alive on the page. He was a joy to work with and  enriched my book with his wisdom, humor and compassion.“

          —Hans Phillips, founder Accomplishment Coaching

“How fortuitous meeting you. Thank you for all your invaluable knowledge. You have encouraged me beyond my own expectations and relit the fire in my heart to be a writer.”

         —Allin Millo, costume historian

Writing a book is an intimidating process. Gali Kronenberg, a truly talented editor, appeared in my life at exactly the right time. He helped me find my voice, sharpen my ideas and encouraged me to make my writing flow and ideas clear. Gali, thank you for your friendship on this path. I look forward to working with you on the next one. 

           —Luke Adler, healer, acupuncturist

“Gali’s genius is that he helped me to discover my own.”

         —Hemalaya Behl, yoga teacher