Gali Kronenberg is a writer, editor and book coach with a talent for shepherding the ideas of storytellers and visionaries from rough draft to publication. A former Los Angeles Times columnist and reporter, Gali has penned memoirs, biographies, speeches and op-eds for Fortune 500 CEOs, politicians, academics and spiritual leaders. 

       A versatile writer, Gali ghostwrote the memoirs of a European Prime Minister; an American retail mogul and edited the memoir of a prominent Shanghai family.     

    After earning his MS at Columbia University, Gali worked as a reporter for The San Diego Union, The New York Times regional media group and Los Angeles Times

    His clients’ memoirs and nonfiction books have sold to Random House and HarperCollins, were lauded in The New York Times and ranked in Amazon’s Top 10. Gali’s keen sense of story helped his clients’ books and op-eds to be praised or published in The New York Times, CNN, Redbook, Daily Telegraph, Glamour, Self and The Wall Street Journal

    A former Mandarin Chinese and French interpreter, Gali’s language and cultural skills help him translate his clients’ ideas to a global audience. His years in China, India, France and Israel; and his interviews with people from all walks of life—tech moguls, lepers, Nobel laureates, death row inmates, U.S. presidents, soldiers and spiritual seekers—have expanded his worldview.

    Gali also teaches a weekly meditation, breath work and tai chi class. 

    His writing draws on the best techniques of journalism, screenwriting and nonfiction to tell emotionally compelling stories that move and inspire.